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Screenplays of original stories that I think you'll enjoy.


Braxton Bonner, Attorney at Law in


An intriguing twist on a UFO story, how a southern lawyer solves one of the most baffling mysteries of all time.

Once a corporate lawyer in New York City, Braxton Bonner moved back to his hometown in Texas to help his daughter-in-law run his deceased son's law practice. Less than a week after settling in, he receives a call from a childhood friend who has been arrested and jailed for the murder of his nephew, but claims a “flying saucer did it.” Knowing his friend is not a lair or prone to spin “tall tales,” Braxton agrees to take the case and soon finds out that the more evidence he uncovers, the more he's convinced his friend is telling the truth. Could it have been a high-tech drone, an advanced airship with a human pilot or perhaps something extraterrestrial? In either case, Braxton must convince a jury UFOs do exist and that one is responsible for murder.



The heartwarming and unique story of how a childhood friend of Jesus Christ came to be Santa Claus.

Growing up in Nazareth, Nicholas and Jesus became best of friends. As they grew older, both realized each had a different destiny to fulfill. Jesus’ destiny was His teachings and sacrifice on the cross. Nicholas’ destiny was to make sure no one forgot Jesus. Thus GOD created a workshop at the top of the world, endowed Nicholas as an immortal and gave him an eternal task – in celebration of Jesus’ birth he would travel the Earth on a single night each year, delivering joy to the children and spreading goodwill to all. He would become a symbol of generosity, a reminder of GODs ultimate gift to humanity – the teachings his best friend gave His life to give.



Episodic drama centered on the crew of Earth's first intergalactic starship  christened the "Galaxy-One." Flagship of the Galactic Coalition of Planets, this Intergalactic Cruiser travels to galaxies near and far on a mission of peaceful exploration. It’s the year 2525 and these are the chronicles of the Galaxy-One.

"The Sagittarius." In this first episode the Galaxy-One is returning from Andromeda Galaxy when they discover one of the Coalition's old FTL Starships, the "Sagittarius," thought to have been destroyed nearly a decade earlier, is still intact and floating in a nebula near the galactic core. After boarding the derelict ship it's discovered the Sagittarius’ entire crew had been murdered and ejected into space, save one, her Captain, who appears to have fled in his personal shuttle. Tracking the shuttle to an alien world the crew learns the Sagittarius’ Captain is still alive and must stop him from assisting the enemy in an all-out invasion of the Milky Way galaxy. A gripping story of trust and betrayal.

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