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The Case of the Deadly Saucer

Once a corporate lawyer in New York city, Braxton Bonner moved back to his hometown in Texas to help his daughter-in-law run his deceased son's law practice. Less than a week after settling in, he receives a call from a childhood friend who has been arrested and jailed for the murder of his nephew, but claims a “flying saucer did it.” Knowing his friend is not a lair or prone to spin “tall tales” Braxton agrees to take the case and the more evidence he uncovers, the more he's convinced his friend is telling the truth. Could have been a high-tech drone, an advanced airship with a human pilot or perhaps, something extraterrestrial? In either case, Braxton must convince a jury that UFOs do exist and that one is responsible for murder. An intriguing twist on the UFO story about how a southern lawyer takes on one of the most baffling mysteries of all time and becomes the go-to attorney for victims of the paranormal.

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