"The Sagittarius." In this first episode the Galaxy-One is returning from Andromeda Galaxy when the crew discovers the "Sagittarius," one of the Coalition's old FTL Starships thought to have been destroyed nearly a decade earlier. The ship is still intact but floating powerless in a nebula near the galactic core. After boarding the derelict it's discovered the Sagittarius’ entire crew had been murdered and ejected into space, save one, her Captain, who appears to have fled in his personal shuttle. Tracking the shuttle to an alien world the crew learns the Sagittarius’ Captain is still alive but must stop him from assisting a former enemy in an all-out invasion of the Milky Way galaxy. A gripping story of trust and betrayal.

I started writing "Galaxy-One" in the late 1980s so I have many pages of backstory and character development. Click on the following links if you'd like to know more about the world of "Galaxy-One."



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