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"To brave the darkness of the last, vast unknown"

​The television series, Star Trek, made a monumental impact on my young life. I've watched every episode so many times I can recite almost every line in every show. So in 2005 when I read some folks in Austin were making their second episode of a Star Trek fan film, I had to get involved.

Fashioned after the classic series of the 60's, this show takes place aboard the USS Exeter, a “sister ship” of the most famous starship in history, the USS Enterprise.

I contacted the production crew and they immediately put me to work. I also served as a producer, writing the show's theme song and mixing the dialog soundtrack. While on the show I became friends with producer Joel Sarchet who would later become the cinematographer and graphics editor on all of the M.D. Anderson documentaries I produced.

I was delighted to work on “Starship Exeter.” It was very well written and professionally produced. The show has a look and feel almost identical to the original “Trek” as the creators went through a lot of painstaking effort in reproducing the lighting and camera angles of the short-lived series. Believe me, all the extra effort definitely paid off. “Starship Exeter” is an excellent fan film and an outstanding show. I hope there will be more someday.

"Exeter" Behind The Scenes

​As was started with many movies and television shows first offered on DVD or Blu-ray, an extra "bonus disk" is sometimes included, which features a behind-the-camera look at the making of the show. Luckily, such a presentation was created for  "Starship Exeter" by producer Joel Sarchet who interviewed many of the cast and crew members including myself. I've condensed my interview into a separate video.

Click on the link below for even more "backstage peeks" including a tour of the bridge, the original episode that started it all and a history of how the show began. Fascinating!


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