The Baron's Family Business

Philip Hendrick Nering Bogel, the Baron de Bastrop, was born into a prominent, well-to-do family. His grandfather was a financier for steel mills in the Netherlands, his older brother was the owner of a successful iron foundry in Europe, the Nering Bogel Company.


In 1817, the Baron’s nephew assumed management of the company at the age of 23 and through innovations such as steam engines instead of horses, air pumps instead of billows, turned the Nering Bogel Company into the largest, most successful foundry in Europe.


Passed down through many generations of Nering Bogel’s the company was sold in 1950, when J. L. Nering Bogel retired. The new owners kept the name and although no longer a foundry, the Nering Bogel company continued to prosper through innovative designs in water pumping systems.


In 2006 the company was purchased by Richard Janssen, who graciously agreed to appear in this 2014 interview. We hope you enjoy this fascinating insight into the Baron’s mysterious life.