“Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea”

This is a script I wrote a few years ago. It’s a loose remake of the 1961 movie starring Walter Pigeon and Barbara Eden with a few modern twist. Here’s the synopsis…


Unless it can be stopped within 72 hours, a massive underwater volcano will destroy humanity. The Seaview, the world’s most advanced submarine, is sent to investigate.  Near the volcano, they find a Mayan Pyramid on the bottom of the ocean with an inscription on how to quiet the raging inferno. Does Admiral Nelson take the advice of a thousand year old profit or wait for the U.N. and the world’s scientist to come up with a better solution?  Time is running out and a decision has to be made now or the world will come to an end!

I’ve updated the submarine Seaview with some new “eye candy” gadgets such as “Slipstream Propulsion,” the underwater equivalent of “Warp Drive.” There’s also a new version of the Flying Sub, which gets into a dogfight with a couple of American fighter jets.

There’s excitement, drama and of course, romance in this modern version of a movie classic.


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