TV on the Internet to the Internet on TV – Part 3

In our last exciting episode, Stan was gorging himself on the fruit of  free Internet television and when suddenly he realized…

There has to be more out there than just Hulu. So I saved Hulu as a favorite and started searching some more. The confusion continued but I persevered.

Since the Great Oracle Google  knows EVERYTHING, I just kept asking in slightly different ways and finally, came up with a ton video websites, all claiming to be “the best.” Being the skeptical fellow that I am, I had to find out for myself.

For weeks, each night, I  methodically checked out the claims of every site I came across. There ARE zillions of sites, some are great, some are not-so-great and some just flat-out stink. Some sites try to sell you a worthless piece of software just so you can watch a news story from Zimbabwe in a language you can’t understand. Others make you click through a thousand ads  before finally taking you to a “real” video site like Hulu. Huh? I could have just gone to Hulu in the first place!

There are so many sites that I had to create a list just to keep up with them all. Cable channels like A & E, the SyFy and Discovery channels. The familiar broadcast channels – ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. The plethora of made-for-internet channels like the aforementioned Hulu, NinjaVideo (my personal favorite) and Blinkx gave me far more choices than cable ever could. Now that I have most of them sorted out, I’m in television heaven!

A few nights ago while sitting back and enjoying the fruits of my labor, it dawned on me that I should pass on all this research. I realized there are tons of folks like me who’d love to dump their cable and start watching their favorite TV shows online. So, I’ve created a website with links and descriptions of the best sites I could find on the net.

It’s called Bnex TV – – it’s a dot TV, not a dot com. There you’ll find every useful site I ran across. Click on the site’s logo and you’ll be taken to the alphabetical listings of their available shows. There’s also a Help Page to guide you through a couple of the more complicated sites.

There are tons of video choices on the Internet, but those choices comes with a price to pay – confusion. If you’re a novice at Internet TV like I was, you may ask yourself “where do I even start?” You could do what I did and spend hours and hours with the Great Oracle Google, or save yourself a ton of time and visit Bnex.TV.

Believe me, looking for your favorite television show online can be like taking a road trip without a map. That’s where Bnex TV comes in. Think of it as your online GPS unit, a tool to help you navigate through the thousands of videos that are now available.

I’ll be adding more features like a your very own personalized TV guide that alerts you when a new episode of your favorite show is available. A forum to share your comments, plenty of Help Pages to guide you and I’m sure, a bunch of other stuff I haven’t even thought of yet.

Internet Television is somewhat in it’s infancy right now, there are very few “standards,” meaning the user needs to know a little more than just “Click Here” to enjoy all the choices and benefits. But with just a bit of education, soon, you too will be be gorging yourself on a smorgasbord of videos – all free for the watching.

So, goodbye cable. It’s been fun, but it’s time to move on.