Theme From “Starship Exeter”

A couple of years ago, one of my all-time dreams came true. I composed the theme song for a television show. Well, it’s not really a television show, but it sure looks like one.

It’s called “Starship Exeter,” an Internet presentation with quite a following and for good reason. It is VERY well made!

Fashioned after the classic “Star Trek” series of the 60’s, this fan-made show takes place aboard the USS Exeter, a “sister ship” of the most famous starship in history, the USS Enterprise.

Created by a couple of classic “Trekkies,” or “Trekkers,” depending on your flavor, “Starship Exeter” looks and feels almost identical to the original “Trek.” The producers went through a lot of painstaking effort in reproducing the lighting and camera angles of the 60’s, short-lived series.

Believe me, all the extra effort definitely paid off. In many ways, “Exeter” is an outstanding show, especially considering it was made totally by volunteers. No one got paid.

The show’s producers wanted a theme song that reflected that “Classic Trek” feel. Something that sounded like it was written in the mid 60’s, with bongos and all.

I want to thank my great friend Larry Seyer for all his help producing these jewels. His mix made both songs come alive. Thanks again Larr!

Theme From “Starship Exeter”


The First Theme

The song above is actually the second theme I wrote for “Exeter.” The producers felt the original one was too modern and too much like the original Star Trek theme. But, I still like it and thought I’d share it with you.

Original Theme From “Starship Exeter”

The opening visual sequence for both was created by fans in Minnesota who own a high-quality, special effects company. It absolutely blew me away at how much like the original it was.

Which theme do you like best?

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