Six More Nights

Six More Nights

This is one of the first songs I ever wrote. In my youth, I was a Combine Operator, and for those that don’t know what a Combine is, it’s one of those giant machines they use harvest corn, wheat and maize.

Harvest season around here usually consist of 15 hour days for 4 – 6 weeks without a single break. At the time, I was in love with a gorgeous lady and hadn’t seen her for many weeks due to my hectic schedule. I was really missing her, so I wrote this song while out in the middle of the feild harvesting corn.

I didn’t think a song about somebody missing his girlfriend because he was busy harvesting corn would be very interesting. So I changed it up a bit, tried to give it the “Ghost Riders In The Sky” feel and made the harvest a cattle drive instead. (although I’ve never been on a cattle drive)

And of course, that’s my lovely sister Gilda, singing along with me. I hope you like it!

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