Did Humans REALLY evolve from Nature?

With the recent ruling about schools teaching creation theory only if asked, I thought I’d bring something to the attention of those folks that think it’s a good idea.

In all of our studies of science, from the smallest critters on Earth to the furthermost reaches of our universe, one thing is crystal clear. So far, humans seem to be the only biological entities that has the ability to contemplate their mortality. In other words, most of us at sometimes in our life, think about death, where we came from, are we alone in the universe and of course the most popular, is there a God.  The majority of us humans accept the idea that there is indeed a creator, a God, which is something that nature seems oblivious to. Why?

Now, one may say, “but Stan, how do you know that a dog doesn’t think about God?” I can’t say for sure that it doesn’t, but I’ve never seen my pooch build a Church and invite his pals over for Sunday morning worship. Nor have I’ve ever seen a geranium pray, or witnessed a herd of cows building a Temple to their creator. (except on “South Park”) As far as I can tell, all other living creatures, be them plant or animals, seem to have no concept a creator. Apparently the “norm” in nature is a complete absence of any acknowledgment of God. It only stands to reason that if humans don’t follow this pattern, then we must not be a true part of “nature.”

Our bodies may have evolved from nature, but our spirit, our consciousness, our awareness of a Supreme Being that most of us have, must have evolved from some other source than what we consider to be “nature.” This human awareness implies a belief system, which also seems to be lacking in nature. Your puppy may like one type of food over another, or prefer a certain place to lay down, but that implies intelligence, not a belief system. (it also implies your pet has you well trained)  I’m talking about wild animals that operate on instinct, not belief.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe most animals can feel happy or sad. I believe they can feel love and experience most the emotions you and I do. Elephants have a “burial ground” and do act as if they’re mourning their loss when one of them dies. But I don’t believe Elephants are burying their dead as reverence to God. I feel that is programmed into them through instinct because their “burial” of a “loved one,” never has a reference to a creator. I simply don’t see any evidence that their actions indicate a belief system.

Belief, that’s the key word. What other creatures on Earth “believes” in something? Belief is a word that pertains only to humans. Why? According to Evolutionist, humans are nothing more than a manifestation of nature, we evolved from nature. Okay, I can buy that, as a person with a scientific mind I simply can’t ignore the fossil records of human evolution. But there’s still that gap, that elusive “missing link” where someway, somehow, humans diverged from nature and acquired a belief system. And from that belief system came another term that is exclusively human. Worship.

Now, I know my pooch worships the ground I walk on, but I’m not talking about the anticipation of a Milk Bone. I’m referring to reverent worship, prayer, giving thanks and turning our lives over to our creator.  Across the globe, at least once a week, nearly every human on Earth publicly or privately worships what he or she believes to be their creator, their God. Most engage in some form of prayer, usually a time set aside to become connected with their spirit world. And this has been going on since human consciousness began. Why?

How did this happen? Why are humans the only animal in nature that has this ability to believe. Was it a mutation, a “freak of nature?” If you just look at it statistically, the odds that out of the zillions of creatures on Earth, only humans would evolve with a belief system, is incalculable. The odds are totally against this ability to believe to have come from what we consider “nature.” Nature just doesn’t seem to have this ability, so why do we?

Could it be that there is some greater force at work here? After observing nature, it seems far more likely to me that a creative intelligence set this universe in motion and “nature” came as a result of that interaction. I find it unlikely that nature “just happened” and somehow, someway, humans evolved from a system that seems to be void of these abilities, our ability to choose and question. It’s like a fig growing on an apple tree. It’s possible, but highly unlikely.

To me, this one fact is something that places a feather squarely in the hat of creationism. Until science can explain how nature “just happened,” it seems far more plausible to me that it “happened” because of some intervention by a supreme being, a creator, God. I’m not saying that we didn’t indeed evolve from Chimps or Gorillas, but if so,  God created them. That’s my belief.