Living in the Past

Most of us think of time as either the past, present or future. And as humans, we experience time only in the present moment. But what is the “present moment?” Is there really such a thing as “now?” The answer is yes, but we humans will absolutely never experience it. The best we can ever hope for is an “echo” of what actually happened a few milliseconds ago.

It’s a bit easier to understand why this happens by using the sun as an example. The light from the sun takes roughly 8 minutes to reach the earth, so you can never actually see the sun as it appears in your present moment. The same applies for any celestial body in space.

It takes nearly 8 hours for light to reach us from Pluto. At the farthermost reaches of the known universe, we observe stars that were formed just a few million years after the Universe began. That light has been traveling toward us for over 13 billion years! So looking up at the night sky is like looking into the past.

The same thing happens to us on a minuet scale as we experience the world. Although tiny, it still takes time for your senses to gather information, send that info to the brain and form the experience of “now.” By the time all that happens, the “now” you thought is “now” is in reality long gone. попки женские секс гипноз

It’s the relative slow speed of light that prevents us from ever really knowing what’s happening “right now.” Since the fastest our brains can process is the speed of light, and since it’s the ONLY thing in the universe that is unchanging, we’ll always see the world as it was a fraction of a second ago.

And in reality, all those images are “old news” because of one of the basic laws of physics – there can NEVER be instantaneous actions at a distance. (Albert Einstein referred to it as “spooky” actions at a distance) Albeit very small, there still is distance between your eyes and brain, meaning it takes time for your eyes to see and your brain to react. No matter how hard we try, that process will never be instantaneous.

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman So the next time you hear some self-help guru tell you to “live for the present moment,” you’ll know that they’re full of themselves. Although objectively, there is a “present moment,” we poor pitiful humans will never experience it.

There is no such thing as the “now.” We always have and will forever, live in the past.

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