Ghost Rider


After watching “Ghost Rider” with Nicolas Cage the other night I kept humming that dang song over and over for days. So while is was freezing cold and I dare not step outside for fear of instant death, I decided to warm up the studio. Before you know it, I had recorded my own version of this Johnny Cash classic. (sorry Johnny, I hope you’re not rolling over in your grave!)

If you dare, click on the following link to give a listen…

"Ghost Rider in the Sky"

I hope you enjoy!

PS: For those who have asked…

Yes, that is me singing.

No, I did not use any kind of auto-tuning device on my voice. (as some can plainly hear) It’s just me, a microphone and about a half a dozen takes.

Yes, that is me playing all the “instruments” using my trusty Yamaha keyboard. I hope someday to replace those “fake” instruments with “real” ones. Anyone want to join in?