“Aint no Haint gonna run me off.”

It’s always been said by family and friends that my house is hunted. For those that don’t know, I live in a house that was built in 1885. Originally constructed at 13th and Brazos in Austin, Texas, the house was purchased in 1956 and moved to it’s current location on the farm. I’ve always believe that moved brought some spooks with it.

As a youngster we always heard weird sounds, disembodied voices and even pots and pans strewn around the room after returning home from a trip. Nothing diabolical, just mischievous.

I moved back into the old haunted house in the mid ’90’s. My parents had long since moved out and the house was deteriorating, so I began remodeling. For many years I never heard a peep from our other-worldly guest. I assumed the remodeling had upset them enough to move on. I was wrong.

A few weeks ago the dogs started barking. I stepped inside my laundry room and found my two pooches poised in a defensive posture, barking wildly at the wall. At first, I though they had cornered some varmint, but on closer examination there was absolutely nothing there. I tried to calm the canines, but they kept barking, insisting on defending the homestead against this invisible intruder. I finally had to pull them away and tempt them with a few Milk Bones before they would relinquish their prey.

I returned to my TV show and within seconds, I heard the sound I hadn’t heard in 40 years. “The party” as we used to call it. The sounds of a lot of people talking and laughing. Every now and then, a woman’s belly-laugh can be heard above all the rest. All of it emanating from what is now the laundry room. And, just as it was when I was young, the moment anyone opens the door to the room or tries to approach it in any way, the sounds abruptly stop.

Kinda scary, huh? Naaaah. I’ve lived with it for a long time and I say let the old dead folks have their party as long as they don’t keep me up at night. But just as a precaution, I made it clear I would not tolerate any demonic presence or monstrous apparitions. This is my house now, I make the rules. And just to be on the safe side, I decided to produce a little music video to drive home my point.

I never intended for this video to be played publicly, but relented after several close friends insisted that I do. I hope you like it, I think the ghost did. These days, the party stops whenever I want to go to bed or watch TV, no matter what time that is. They’ve become very good neighbors, so I have no problem letting them stay.

Who knows, someday I just might join them.