A number ten on my weirdo-meter!

OK, I’m freaked. My buddy Jimmy has a “Ghost Radar” Ap on his I-phone. Being the skeptical type, I boldly made the remark that if “Mr. Ghost” would say only a single word, I would become a believer. Since I’m writing a documentary about the Baron ‘de Bastrop, I chose the word ” Bastrop.”

A few seconds later this appeared on the screen… the word BRASS, then the word TOP followed by the word COMBINATION. These words appeared  in rapid succession then the machine became quiet for a while.

I think part of my jaw is still laying on the floor at the convenience store. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Honestly, I can’t remember a more weird experience.

Write down the words  BRASS and  TOP  then follow the action of COMBINE, as you would an anagram. You spell the name Bastrops. Now that’s weird!

As some know, I’m not a believer of much outside our materialistic world but this was just plain old spooky. There’s only three explanations I can ponder as to how this could be…

1. Somehow Apple has truly created a palm-sized “ghost detector” and I was indeed in contact with a spirit who was trying to comply with my request.

2. The “Ghost Radar” Ap is  two-way device that listens to what you say and creates a “ghostly response.”

3. Or for you Conspiracy Theorist, maybe Apple has this two-way device connected to some government listening station. Perhaps our phones are always transmitting, even when they’re “off.”

Which one do I believe? I did say I would become a believer if the ghost would say the word Bastrop. Although it wasn’t verbatim, BRASS TOP was close enough for the hairs on my neck to stand up. I must study it further.

Maybe they’re not ghost at all, just other people in another dimension using their I-Phone’s “Ghost Radar” to communicate with us.

Hmmmm? Sounds like another Sci-Fi script.