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June 6, 2009 in Scripts

Flagship for the Coalition of Planets, a federation of worlds scattered throughout the Milky Way galaxy. Equipped with Trans-Galactic drive, this gigantic, Intergalactic Cruiser travels to galaxies near and far, encountering the bizarre, the strange and the unusual. 

It’s the year 2525. And these are the chronicles of the Galaxy-One.


Returning from its first intergalactic mission, the Galaxy-One receives an automated distress call from an old Coalition Starship, the Sagittarius, believed to have been destroyed nearly a decade earlier. After boarding the derelict ship, it’s discovered the Sagittarius’ entire crew had been murdered, ejected into space, save one, her Captain, who appears to have fled in his personal shuttle. Tracking the shuttle to an alien world, the crew learns the Sagittarius’ Captain is still alive and must stop him from assisting the enemy in an all-out invasion of the Milky Way.



As a musician, I couldn’t help myself. After writing the script I was inspired to composed and perform the theme song for the opening credits. It’s a blend of the song “In The Year 2525″ with an obscure John Phillip Sousa march titled “Battaglia.” As a video producer, I also couldn’t help myself and “borrowed” some computer graphics from an obscure sci-fi show to create the sequence.  Let me know if you like it!


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“The Book of Santa”

December 10, 2008 in Scripts

The story of how Jesus Christ helped his friend Nicholas become Santa Claus. Growing up in Nazareth, Nicholas and Jesus became best of friends. As they grew older both realized each had a different destiny to fulfill. Jesus’ was His teachings and sacrifice on the cross. Nicholas’ was to make sure no one ever forgot Jesus. Thus GOD created a workshop at the top of the world, endowed Nicholas as an immortal and gave him an eternal task – in celebration of Jesus’ birth he would travel the Earth on a single night each year, delivering joy to the children and spreading goodwill to all. He would become a symbol of generosity, a reminder of GOD’S ultimate gift to humanity – the teachings his best friend gave His life to give.

An unusual and heart-warming tale of how Saint Nicholas came to be Santa Claus.


“Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea”

November 26, 2008 in Scripts

This is a script I wrote a few years ago. It’s a loose remake of the 1961 movie starring Walter Pigeon and Barbara Eden with a few modern twist. Here’s the synopsis…


Unless it can be stopped within 72 hours, a massive underwater volcano will destroy humanity. The Seaview, the world’s most advanced submarine, is sent to investigate.  Near the volcano, they find a Mayan Pyramid on the bottom of the ocean with an inscription on how to quiet the raging inferno. Does Admiral Nelson take the advice of a thousand year old profit or wait for the U.N. and the world’s scientist to come up with a better solution?  Time is running out and a decision has to be made now or the world will come to an end!

I’ve updated the submarine Seaview with some new “eye candy” gadgets such as “Slipstream Propulsion,” the underwater equivalent of “Warp Drive.” There’s also a new version of the Flying Sub, which gets into a dogfight with a couple of American fighter jets.

There’s excitement, drama and of course, romance in this modern version of a movie classic.